6 Fantastic Web-Based Tools for Going Green

[sniplet tweetright]Most of us share a common desire to go green, especially after reading these 12 reasons that everyone should care about the environment. The problem, though, is that wanting to go green and actually going green aren’t even close to the same thing.

Sure, you’ve probably read lots of tips and ideas for making your life more eco-friendly and sustainable — but what is the best way to start? How can you track your progress? How will you know if your making any difference? These are all very good questions to ask…

Thankfully, the internet is here to help. In this post we’ve compiled a list of several online tracking and measuring tools that can help you keep track of what you’re doing without getting into any complicated Excel charts or tracking systems. Plus, many of these tools will help you find new ideas, compare results with friends, and generally have a very good time. Here are our favorites for you to check out:

1. MakeMeSustainable.com

MakeMeSustainableHere you can create an account and track how much progress you’ve made to reduce your green footprint. You enter in your home, transportation, and lifestyle information, and it tells you how large of a carbon footprint you have. Then, take action and follow some of the guidelines shown to see how much you’ve reduced your carbon footprint. You can even invite friends and share feedback with them. You can even make groups to see how much of an impact your circle has. (If you think we should have an ecosimply group, let us know in the comments.)

2. Care2

Care2This is more than just a blog and green tips – the site focuses on environmental issues, human rights, and animal welfare. It has petitions you can sign or create, action items you can join, and you can even create your own blog on the site. With over 11.5 million members, there are a lot of minds here trying to come together and make a difference. Word of caution — there is so much to read on this site that it’s easy to get lost in it and lose at least an hour!

3. Wikia Green

Wikia GreenEveryone uses Wikipedia, but here’s a wiki dedicated solely to the environment. With crowd-sourced content and crowd-sourced editors, you can easily see what most of the rest of the world is doing in regards to becoming more green or just see a good overview on a specific environmental issue.

4. Carbonrally

CarbonrallyTrack your personal eco-friendly habits and compete with others if you’d like! You can joint specific challenges that give you an actionable item over a designated time period in order to save x lbs in carbon emissions and x$$. I think I’m going to join the challenge to air out my fridge (by cleaning my fridge, I can save $20/year and 300 lbs of CO2).

5. Treehugger Forums

Treehugger ForumsForums are a great place to get advice from a wide range of people, and the more people, the more responses to your questions and discussions — which is why Treehugger’s forums are a great place to visit. Participate in the discussions or just read along to get valuable information about very specific topics.

6. GoodGuide

GoodGuideThere are a lot of products out there, household cleaning products, baby food, organic packaged products, etc. But how do you know which products are better? The GoodGuide aims to help solve this problem by rating products and making them easily searchable and comparable. They even have a free iPhone app so you can look up products while you’re at the store. They’re still in beta, so not everything is up there, but they’re rapidly growing and I found almost everything I looked for.

What tools do you use?

Are there any eco-living tools that you use that make a bit impact or gave you valuable information? Share them in the comments!

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