Lights Off! 8 Fun Things to Do in the Dark

The Moon / Photo by gumayunov on Flickr  / CC BY 2.0[sniplet tweetright]For most of us, we stay up long after the sun goes down. We watch television, stay up on our computers, listen to music, read or whatever else we do with the lights on. What’s wrong with that? Well, we’re using more energy than we used to back when people didn’t have artificial lighting, but we’re also missing out on all of the fun things to do in the dark!

If you’re interested in saving some money on your electric bill, why not try a “night in the dark.” About 9% of the energy spent in an average American’s home is used on lighting. If we decrease the amount of light we use, we can decrease the amount of energy we use. While this may not seem like a lot of energy savings, this adds up.

If you don’t care how much energy you’re using, why not try a “night in the dark” just for fun. When the lights are out, our other senses kick in more intensely and we can experience some new and interesting things. Try a night “in the dark” and you might find you want to make a habit of it.

Without further ado, here are 8 ways to make your “night in the dark” exciting and fun.

8 Ways to have Fun in the Dark

1. Tell Ghost Stories

One of the best things I loved (and feared) as a kid was when my friends would start to tell ghost stories. Whether they were made up on the spot, an old favorite, or just a new one passed along, they are all enormously entertaining and exciting. Get together with friends and tell ghost stories in the dark — go outside for the best effect.

2. Have Sex

I don’t have to tell you why sex can be fun (as long as it’s done responsibly and according to your own values).

3. Go for a Walk

Nighttime, especially in the summer or while it’s snowing, is a beautiful time to go for a walk. Take your pets or go with a friend and enjoy the night air.

4. Stargaze

If it’s a particularly clear night, or you happen to be blessed with minimal sky pollution, grab a comfy blanket, lay down, and look up at the sky. Be sure to pick out some familiar constellations and learn some new ones too. Minimize your sky pollution by inviting your neighbors and getting everyone to turn their lights off.

5. Make Music

If you play an instrument, chances are you can play in the dark. Even if you can’t, you could definitely sing or bang on stuff. Get together with friends, or go solo, and enjoy an interesting and different jam session.

6. Play Games

Games like hide and seek, tag, and numerous other become more exciting and interesting in the dark. Just make sure there isn’t anything sharp you can trip over before hand :)

7. Meditate or do Yoga

Do something different with your body and enjoy the extra concentration you’ll automatically have by not being able to see quite as well. It always takes me some prodding to start my yoga routine, but as soon as I’ve finished I feel great!

8. Talk, Chat, Gossip, or Discuss with Someone

Some of my best conversations have taken place in the dark — whether it’s in bed right before falling asleep or it’s very late at night with a good friend. Take advantage of the calming presence the dark has and start a conversation.

What do you do to have fun in the dark? Have you tried a “night in the dark” before and did it go well? Tell us in the comments!

18 Replies to “Lights Off! 8 Fun Things to Do in the Dark”

  1. In the dark, I usually play Manhunt with my friends.

    Manhunt is where you split into two groups. One group is the hunters, and the other hiders. The hunters count to 30 while the hiders hide. Then the hunters search for the hiders, and if they find one, they have to touch the person, or drag them back to where they started. The goal is to not get caught if you’re a hider, and to catch everybody if you’re a hunter.

    It’s a really fun game, and you can only play it at night, or in the dark.

  2. mabye people want to have it which is gros. my friend was being a dork and touching me and my friend in some spots!

  3. this is random for throwing sex in there i was looking for games to do for my kids party but we had a power outage so luckly i had battery on my iphone

  4. Sex is not a bad thing nor is it gross as long as you feel you are old enough and are doing it with someone you trust or have feelings with to put it lightly. I usually play hide n seek with my cousins and their kids in the dark but was looking for something different

  5. well me and my sister Katy found something on here that we just done with Katy’s lalaloopsy doll we are in Jackson county with our uncle Steve and he lives way back in the countryside and in his back yard he has a about 13 acres and we got my moms phone with her flashlight on her phone and we walked all the way back their. but looking at the stars is a good idea i think we will go do that right now because its pitch dark while we listen to the radio.

  6. Mmmh I like to paint in the dark like Beethoven, and after I turn on the lights and look at my painting like Snookie looks at herbbeers before she drinks them….. (;

  7. I read to my boyfriend right I got to sex he said lets have sex now so he took off he pant and does not ware underware and his dick pop up I like omg so we di it

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