What is ecosimply?

Ecosimply is a blog about going green and living in an environmentally friendly way. But we aren’t just about going green — we’re a blog about living too.

It’s our goal to give you information that’s relevant and useful, tips that you can actually do something with. Whether it’s a review of new technology, a clever idea to save waste, or just interesting facts, we want this blog to provide inspiration and information that’s easy to understand and practical to apply.

Going green… in a way that’s practical

Ecosimply is a blog for everyday people. We want to help you go green in a way that fits your lifestyle and budget.

We’re all about being realistic. We believe the fastest way to save the environment, the planet, human life, etc… is not to ditch all of the things that make us human and join back with the apes, but to embrace our society and all of its technology, and work with our flaws to get things done in a way that will have the biggest immediate impact.

If a lot of people make just a few small changes the environmental impact can be enormous — it’s our goal to help people find the eco-friendly changes that fit into their world and improve their lives.

Who’s behind ecosimply?

Natalie & Mason HippEcosimply was started by Mason & Natalie Hipp as a way to help people in their journey to a modern and environmentally friendly life. They both love the outdoors and try to live as sustainably as possible, but they also both love technology and enjoy having a modern lifestyle.

Ecosimply was created as a way explore and promote ways to go green while being modern, practical, and realistic.

These two goals — living green and living modern — are often seen as contradictions, but Natalie & Mason don’t think they have to be. The goal of ecosimply is to find ways that the two goals can overlap, and to help the planet by promoting practical green living.

Have a question, suggestion, or comment? Send a message to ecosimply on twitter, or shoot us an email at: blog@ecosimply.com