7 Serious Benefits That Will Make You Want to Ride a Bicycle

bikebasket[sniplet tweetright]When I was a kid, I longed for a bike. I had dreams of getting one for Christmas, and when I finally got one, you couldn’t stop me from going all around the yard in zig zags and circles until it was dark and my parents called me in.

Just a couple years ago, I again felt the urge to have a new bike. This time was different though. The ability to get places quickly and without using gas seemed extraordinary to me. Even though commuting to work by bike wasn’t feasible, any trips I could take by bike instead of car would make a difference — to my health, the environment, and my wallet.

In this post I want to outline some of the benefits I’ve gotten from my new-found love of bicycles — some real benefits to bicycling that might make you long to buy a new bike:

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5 Ways To Go Green On Your Commute

traffic[sniplet tweetleft]

Everyone needs to work – in some way or another. And most people have a commute. According to NPR, the average commute in the US is 25 minutes! That’s a whole lot of time just to get to and from work.

I’ve recently given up my 45-60 min commute for a 0 minute commute, but I acutely remember how awful it can be. Whether you drive, walk, bike, or take public transportation to work, try to change up your routine a bit and see if you can at least decrease your negative impact on the earth.

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