Green, Beautiful and Irresistible Stationery

"colour pencils" by lilit
"colour pencils" by lilit

How eco-friendly are your office or school supplies? If you’re a bit of a fashionista, you might be attached to your perfect notebook or your gorgeous collection of pens … even if you know they’re zero percent recycled.

Eco-friendly stationary isn’t all about dull browns and beiges any more. If you’re picturing rough recycled paper and flimsy envelopes, read on (and feast your eyes on some gorgeous images) for a sampling of today’s amazing range of recycled and repurposed stationary items.

And if you can’t resist getting your hands on some of these, there are links to various online shops at the bottom…

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Top 10 Gorgeous Green Buildings That Actually Exist

[sniplet tweetright] [sniplet diggright] We all know that high-tech green buildings can be stunningly beautiful. Unfortunately, though, many of these buildings won’t be built for years, if ever. Creating these impressive structures is a very difficult and expensive process, so it makes sense that many of the concepts don’t yet exist.

But, some of these beautiful buildings have been built. In this list, we’ve found a collection of incredible green buildings that actually exist right now, as in, you could walk into them and take a look around. Additionally, each of these buildings is LEED Platinum certified, which is the highest green rating available to a modern structure.

With that in mind, here is a list of the top 10 beautiful green buildings that actually exist. Check them out if they happen to be nearby, or just get excited about the fact that such beautiful eco-friendly architecture is actually a reality.

1. Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation, IL

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