Are Your Eco-Friendly Resolutions Doomed to Fail?

Cans in Recycling Bin
Cans in Recycling Bin

Like many people, you might have a personal list of shalts and shalt nots for 2010. Alongside resolving to lose weight (after the excesses of holiday fare) and to save money (after the horror of your credit card statement), you may well have some eco-friendly resolutions (perhaps made when faced with that mountain of wrapping paper…)

As we all know from bitter experience, New Year’s Resolutions often don’t last beyond January. In fact, a recent study confirmed this: most resolutions fail, with 78% of us giving up. So if you’re making a whole host of great green promises to yourself – that you’ll never leave a light switched on unnecessarily, you’ll always buy organic meat, you’ll avoid excess packaging – then you may find that you’ve given up before long.
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Green, Beautiful and Irresistible Stationery

"colour pencils" by lilit
"colour pencils" by lilit

How eco-friendly are your office or school supplies? If you’re a bit of a fashionista, you might be attached to your perfect notebook or your gorgeous collection of pens … even if you know they’re zero percent recycled.

Eco-friendly stationary isn’t all about dull browns and beiges any more. If you’re picturing rough recycled paper and flimsy envelopes, read on (and feast your eyes on some gorgeous images) for a sampling of today’s amazing range of recycled and repurposed stationary items.

And if you can’t resist getting your hands on some of these, there are links to various online shops at the bottom…

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How to Make Green Easy for You and Your Office

Image by Ted Percival
Image by Ted Percival

We spend most of our day at work. And, in most cases, our work involves lots of paper, numerous electronic appliances, even long-haul flights. You might be making an effort to go green at home (and it’s easier to stay motivated when your own wallet benefits) … but are you doing anything at work? Is your workplace set up so that green behavior is almost automatic, or do you end up throwing recyclable paper in the trash? Does your company use environmentally-friendly supplies and services — in fact, do your colleagues even know the answer to this one?

You know that caring about the environment is important. But no one in your office (including you!) wants to be hampered with a lot of extra tasks in order to be more eco-friendly. So here’s how to make being green really easy:

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5 Green-Tech Innovations for the Home Office

Image by An-tonio from Flickr[sniplet tweetright]The green movement has really picked up a lot of speed over the past couple of years, and along with the increased attention has come a number of really cool technological innovations for the office. Sure, technology shoulders a lot of the blame for the current ecological situation we face, but in some cases it can also provide a way out too.

In this post we’ve compiled a list of some of the most useful — and eco-friendly — technological innovations for the office. Each of these technologies improves upon older versions in function and eco-friendliness, and in some cases these gadgets provide entirely new ways to save energy. Take a look at the list and see if you might make your workplace a little greener.

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