Are Your Eco-Friendly Resolutions Doomed to Fail?

Cans in Recycling Bin
Cans in Recycling Bin

Like many people, you might have a personal list of shalts and shalt nots for 2010. Alongside resolving to lose weight (after the excesses of holiday fare) and to save money (after the horror of your credit card statement), you may well have some eco-friendly resolutions (perhaps made when faced with that mountain of wrapping paper…)

As we all know from bitter experience, New Year’s Resolutions often don’t last beyond January. In fact, a recent study confirmed this: most resolutions fail, with 78% of us giving up. So if you’re making a whole host of great green promises to yourself – that you’ll never leave a light switched on unnecessarily, you’ll always buy organic meat, you’ll avoid excess packaging – then you may find that you’ve given up before long.
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Eating Less Meat – Benefits For You and the Planet

Eating a BurgerPop quiz: Does a meal count as “dinner” if it doesn’t involve meat?

For many of us, especially in the west, meat is seen as a key part of dinner, if not lunch and breakfast as well. Here in the UK, “meat and two veg” is still some folk’s conception of a proper meal. Vegetarian options are seen as a boring alternative. Particularly amongst some men, not eating meat can seem dismayingly girly. Others raise worries about lack of protein, vitamins and iron.

Of course, much of this is nonsense. All the nutrients in meat are available from other sources – and there are plenty of tasty vegetarian dishes that’ll make you glad you went for something meat-free.

You might wonder why eating meat affects the environment – and you may also have questions about the personal benefits of cutting down your meat consumption. I’m going to address those in this post.

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4 Ways Saving the Planet Helps You Lose Weight

(Image by <a href=[sniplet tweetright]However many great reasons there are to care about the environment, I have to admit to something. I often find myself thinking: What difference can one person make? And anyway, this seems like a lot of work, what’s in it for me?

I’m probably not the only one who has these sorts of thoughts. Have you ever felt the same?

Luckily, living a greener lifestyle does have some concrete personal benefits for you, and one person can actually make a difference. If you’re trying to lose weight (and most of us are), try these five ways of saving the planet and shedding some excess pounds at the same time.

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Save Yourself: Protect The Planet[sniplet tweetright]We often look at being eco-friendly as altruistic — recycle to save the planet, or conserve energy so that our children have the same beautiful world that we do. But perhaps we should think a little more selfishly, and see how being eco-friendly effects things closer to you– like your own personal health. As humans, being selfish comes naturally, so let’s harness that natural tendency and take a look at why being eco-friendly will help me (I mean… you).

Being eco-friendly actually goes hand-in-hand with improving your health. The World Health Organization states that 13 million deaths annually are caused by preventable environmental factors. There are a ton of scientific ways to describe this, but in this post we’ll give you a few really simple reasons why protecting the planet is critical for your health, reasons that are understandable even to people who didn’t major in bio-med.

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