Are Your Eco-Friendly Resolutions Doomed to Fail?

Cans in Recycling Bin
Cans in Recycling Bin

Like many people, you might have a personal list of shalts and shalt nots for 2010. Alongside resolving to lose weight (after the excesses of holiday fare) and to save money (after the horror of your credit card statement), you may well have some eco-friendly resolutions (perhaps made when faced with that mountain of wrapping paper…)

As we all know from bitter experience, New Year’s Resolutions often don’t last beyond January. In fact, a recent study confirmed this: most resolutions fail, with 78% of us giving up. So if you’re making a whole host of great green promises to yourself – that you’ll never leave a light switched on unnecessarily, you’ll always buy organic meat, you’ll avoid excess packaging – then you may find that you’ve given up before long.
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Welcome to Ecosimply

Hello, and welcome to ecosimply!

Yes, we know, we’ve launched yet another website about going green and saving the environment. But we’re different, we promise.

At ecosimply, we’re about going green in a way that is realistic. We believe the fastest way to save the environment, the planet, human life, etc… is not to ditch all of the things that make us human and join back with the apes, but to embrace our society, with all of its characteristics, and work with our flaws to get things done in a way that will have the biggest immediate impact.

Let me give an example:

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