Green, Beautiful and Irresistible Stationery

"colour pencils" by lilit
"colour pencils" by lilit

How eco-friendly are your office or school supplies? If you’re a bit of a fashionista, you might be attached to your perfect notebook or your gorgeous collection of pens … even if you know they’re zero percent recycled.

Eco-friendly stationary isn’t all about dull browns and beiges any more. If you’re picturing rough recycled paper and flimsy envelopes, read on (and feast your eyes on some gorgeous images) for a sampling of today’s amazing range of recycled and repurposed stationary items.

And if you can’t resist getting your hands on some of these, there are links to various online shops at the bottom…


Whether you’re a writer, a student, a to-do list fanatic, or just someone who likes to have a notebook handy, there are plenty of options beyond the standard recycled paper. Paper doesn’t have to be made out of trees, you know… how about lemon, mango or banana paper?

(Just remember – it might look good enough to eat, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is…)

Lemon Paper Notebook
Lemon Paper Notebook
Banana Paper Notebook
Banana Paper Notebook

(Lemon paper notebook image and banana paper notebook image from EcoPaper)

If your notebook has to have the perfect cover in order to inspire true creativity, then check out the amazing range available at

And if you’re feeling brave, you could even try an elephant dung notebook

Pens and Pencils

Recycled Pens
Recycled Pens

All the eco-friendly paper in the world won’t be much good to you unless you’ve got something to write on it with. Ditch those ugly ballpoints, and get a recycled, reusable pen instead:

(Recycled pens image from the Keetsa blog.)

Good Wood Pencils
Good Wood Pencils

Alternatively, if you like to sketch, draw, mind map or just doodle, how about a set of pencils made from “good wood”?

(Pencils image from Nigel’s Eco Store)

Recycled Newspaper Pencils
Recycled Newspaper Pencils

You can even get pencils made from recycled newspaper: these ones come in a recycled paper pot, too.

(Recycled Pencils image from MyEcoStore)

Pencil Cases

Once you’ve got your hands on a bunch of great-looking, eco-friendly pens and pencils, you won’t want to lose them at the bottom of your bag, or leave them lying around on someone else’s desk. 0911pencilcasefruits

Treat yourself to one of these gorgeous pencil cases… or get a pencil holder from your desk.

(Recycled Juice Carton Pencil Case image from Doy Bags)

Car Tyre Pencil Case
Car Tyre Pencil Case

For a grunge, urban look, how about a recycled car tyre? (Recycled Tyre Pencil Case image from Nigel’s Eco Store)

If neither of those suit you, how about a recycled chocolate cookie wrapper pencil case?

Cork Pencil Holder
Cork Pencil Holder

If you spend most your your day at your desk, get your hands on a useful desk tidy. Made from recycled wood chip, this cork pencil holder doubles up as a handy place to pin memos.

(Cork Pencil Holder image from Nigel’s Eco Store)

Odds and ends

And in case your stationary cupboard isn’t already bursting at the seams, how about adding in a few extras?


0911staplerThis very groovy looking stapler has a cutting-and-folding action to hold up to three pages together – without all those tiny bits of metal that end up getting thrown away (or which invariably jam). A little gimmicky, perhaps, but wouldn’t it look fab on your desk?

(Eco-Stapler image from Nigel’s Eco Store)

Circuit Clipboard

0911circuitclipboardShow off your inner geek by getting your hands on a recycled circuit clipboard. So many computer parts end up in landfill – it’s great to see some being reclaimed!

(Circuit Clipboard image from Hot PCB)

Get Your Hands on These Gorgeous Stationery Items

If you’re drooling over the images above, here are a few stores that sell a selection of different notebooks, pens, pencils, and accessories.

EcoJot – loads of recycled paper notebooks to suit any taste from conservative to flamboyant!

Nigel’s Eco Store – UK and Europe only. Lots of great office and stationery items, plus more.

Etsy – for unique, hand-crafted and utterly gorgeous recycled items, try Etsy.

TerraCycle – some amazing recycled goodies, and you can even get involved by sending in your own trash to be reclaimed. They’ll pay you, too!

GrassRootsStore – for more minimalist but still awesome designs, check out this store.

Have you got any favorite eco-friendly stationery items? What’s going on your Christmas wishlist now you’ve read this list

(Main post image by lilit)

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  2. Great post about a 2 of my favorite subjects, stationary and eco alternatives.

    I love the recyled tyre pencil case option. I have a belt made from a bike tire already so it would me a good accessory!

    Thanks for all of the links to stockists.


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