Eco Tips

Looking for something easy to do that has a positive impact on the earth? Anything you do, both small and large, can make a difference. Check here for quick tips and ideas.

At Home:

  1. Use environmentally friendly cleaning products. Sun and Earth is a common brand that we like.
  2. Use a refrigerated water filter/pitcher - this allows for continuously cold water without running the tap and saves on plastic bottles and gallon containers.
  3. Recycle - everything you can!
  4. Start a compost. The less organic material in the trash the better.
  5. Use reusable bags. They’re easier to carry to and from the market anyway.
  6. Refrain from using plastic and paper cups, utensils, and plates.
  7. Use the dishwasher as much as possible, and don’t run it until it’s full.
  8. Pay your bills online - get your statements delivered via email too.
  9. Unsubscribe from unwanted catalogs.

Getting Places:

  1. Drive less - consider walking and public transportation instead.
  2. Carpool whenever possible.
  3. Do groups of errands at places that are located close to one another - saving how much gas you’re using, how much you’re polluting, and how much driving you need to do.


  1. Don’t print if you don’t need to.
  2. Turn off the lights in any room that’s not being used, and turn off the lights at the end of the night.
  3. Turn off your computer or any other electronics when you leave for the day.
  4. Adjust the heater/air conditioner for the nights and weekends when no one’s around.

Going out:

  1. Bring your own mug to the coffee shop.
  2. Reuse your towels and linens at the hotel.
  3. Pick up litter when you see it. Every little bit counts, even if you didn’t put it there.
  4. Continue to turn off the lights, air conditioner/heater, and appliances when they’re not in use, just like when you’re at home.


  1. If you can, rent your table linens, plates, glasses, etc. instead of purchasing them or buying plastics. Also rent locally to save on extra transportation needs.
  2. Choose favors that will be reused (or at least not thrown out).
  3. If you’re using a caterer, try to make sure the leftover food gets sent home to yourself or your guests.
  4. Have your event as close as possible to the majority of guests - this will not only cut down on costs, but will cut down on everyone’s transportation.

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