Welcome to Ecosimply

Hello, and welcome to ecosimply!

Yes, we know, we’ve launched yet another website about going green and saving the environment. But we’re different, we promise.

At ecosimply, we’re about going green in a way that is realistic. We believe the fastest way to save the environment, the planet, human life, etc… is not to ditch all of the things that make us human and join back with the apes, but to embrace our society, with all of its characteristics, and work with our flaws to get things done in a way that will have the biggest immediate impact.

Let me give an example:

It would be great if we all stopped driving to work and rode bicycles — and I love riding bicycles — but, let’s face it, that’s not going to fly with 90% of the commuters out there. No matter how much money and effort we pour into decrying the harmful nature of cars, realistically most of us can’t get by without them.

A better idea might be to promote inexpensive ways that normal commuters can boost fuel economy, tips that would apply to the 90% of us who can’t ride a bike to work. It might be a smaller change, but it is something that can work for a much larger population and still achieve a big impact.

These are the tips and ideas that we’re going to focus on here at ecosimply — stuff that all of us can do, and promote, to help make incremental improvements on a huge scale. We’re going to help you find the little things that you can do to save money, save the environment, and still keep your standard of living well above that of the apes.

Don’t get me wrong, we definitely aren’t ignoring the importance of big changes, we just think the fastest way to save the planet includes the small stuff too.

10 Replies to “Welcome to Ecosimply”

  1. Hey tim, glad you like it so far!

    let us know if you want to see anything specific and we’ll try to accommodate — otherwise, enjoy :-)

    — Mason

  2. Wow! Congratulations on your new blog. It’s brilliant! Let’s spread the green. Cheers.

  3. Am forwarding to everyone I know………..then some.
    It is a great inspiration to aiding a soul that wants to be a greener enity in this vast universe, and you know every little bit does helps.

  4. “Երկունքի և Երկրի էակներ”[email protected] vorna ?? :))))”Երկունք” nshanakuma “dsnndaberutyan tsvaer” :))Grel es “զավթած կենածին հողին”.. ???es [email protected] menq voch mekits chenq zavtel, menq mer patmakan hoghi vra enq aprum..amen depqum: Paraplani hetevits dsasdanvogh Teghuti [email protected] shat sirun klini, APREQ !! Hrayr Savzyan

  5. Nathalie, conteaza cum simti, cum te simti … eu spun … ridica’te, imbraca’te si arata’te … ce e mai bun abia acum urmeaza …viata nu e legata cu funda dar tot e un dar !Iti raman datoare … pentru ca eu am ‘actionat’ … ciudat … am avut nevoie de gandurile tale …Multumesc . elena.n

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